Feb. 28th, 2017

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This morning’s occupational therapy was very upper-body intensive, which is good since that is going to be necessary. The only downside to this was that the afternoon’s physical therapy included his first attempt at walking with parallel bars. Dan was able to practice walking motions while carrying the majority of his weight on his arms. Definitely an improvement, though.

I mentioned it this morning, but I sort of buried the lede yesterday: Dan’s physical and occupational therapists told him that given his current state and the improvement that he has shown, the chances are very good that he will be able to walk unassisted in the future. Now, how long that will take is still up for grabs, but that is still fantastic news.

More good news today: Dan has been approved for short term disability for four weeks at 100%, (after burning a week of vacation) and another four weeks at 100% is available if necessary (it drops down to 66% after that). With luck he will be able to start back to work before that eight weeks is exhausted.

Interestingly, one of the therapists asked Dan what his goals were to go home. He said he wanted to walk (assisted) 50 feet, and have a way to go up and down stairs by himself, among other things. The therapist seemed to think those were good goals, and that he may not need three full weeks of therapy for that.

All in all, there weren’t necessarily any huge breakthroughs today, but a lot of very promising tidbits. That’s the kind of thing that keeps Dan (and me!) going. He is maintaining a strong positive outlook and a firm belief that this is something that can be beaten. Damn, I love my husband!

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never try to consider yourself one of “the good” privileged people because tbh that just is cutting you off from continually learning and continually deconstructing your privilege and learned bullshit. every time i’ve thought “ok i’m one of the good guys now” i’ve learned more fucked shit i’m doing and deconstructed more bullshit and if you continually cling to “BUT I’M NOT RACIST/SEXIST/TRANSPHOBIC/ETC” you’re refusing to face the possibility that you could still be doing really bad shit and that means you’re part of the problem. being aware of privilege doesn’t mean you’re absolved of it.

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