Mar. 1st, 2017

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An extremely tiring but rewarding day today! An important decision from the physical therapist was that a standard walker is a very bad idea for Dan right now – it’s just not stable or sturdy enough. Therapy included practice with a rolling cardiac walker (imagine a tall walker that you rest your forearms on). Although he had two people with him providing guidance, Dan walked twenty-two feet the first time, and thirty feet the second time. This is a great improvement!

Recreational therapy was up next. This is to provide a little fun with all of the hard work – sometimes games, sometimes just relaxation. Today’s session was playing catch with Chance, a very friendly but focused German shepherd (shown here).

After lunch it was into occupational therapy. This included moving a weighted sliding box on a table to build upper-body strength, lifting a lightly weighted bar (not too much due to his back healing), and going from sitting to standing to sitting repeatedly to gain more control in his motions.

All of this therapy is definitely taking a lot out of Dan by the end of the day. He is feeling accomplished overall, and getting great positive feedback from his therapists, though it’s still a long road ahead. By tomorrow afternoon we will hopefully have a better idea of when he might be going home and when he can return to work.

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