Mar. 2nd, 2017

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It was kind of an anxious day today, since Wednesdays are when all of the therapists and doctors for the Acute Inpatient Rehab facility get together and discuss the progress of all of the patients. We were hoping to get an idea of when Dan might be going home, and when he might be able to return to work, but no such luck. They are encouraged by his progress and recommended another week of treatment (this was expected – we were told going in it would be 2-3 weeks). We had a bit of concern when there was a question whether the insurance company would cover the additional week, but the approval came surprisingly fast. Another week it is (at least)!

Occupational therapy today was practice transferring from a wheelchair to the toilet. Good news – the portable hospital commode (which is taller) is no longer needed and Dan can use the standard toilet, though with the grab bar. This was followed by arm endurance exercises with weights attached to his arms, both gross motions (arm cycling) and fine motions (putting pegs into a pegboard).

Physical therapy this afternoon involved more walking with the cardiac walker (24 feet today, less than yesterday but better controlled), practicing sitting to standing and back again, and standing in one place with the cardiac walker – for six minutes in one go! The day ended with a visit to the therapy psychologist. She started teaching Dan how to use hypnosis as a way to relax and dull nerve pain. It was surprisingly quite effective. He went into the session with back pain around level 4 and it was down to 1 by the end. Dan recorded the session so he can play it back later as well.

The goal is for each day to be better than the last. It’s not always going to be leaps and bounds, but forward progress of any kind is a success.

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