Mar. 4th, 2017

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TGIF? Dan started his second week in the rehab ward today. Occupational therapy included a refreshing shower. He was able to stand (while holding the grab bar) and then transfer to the shower bench. After that, there was a series of upper body exercises. Physical therapy was after lunch. He graduated from the cardiac walker to a standard wide walker (something that can handle his weight better with more stability) and practiced walking. He did five walks, the longest distance was 36 feet – not as far as previous days, but with less assistance from the physical therapists and more controlled. Then he tried laying on his front and doing leg stretches to help with muscle control.

Right before dinner, Dan got new toys: a matching pair of AFOs (Ankle-Foot Orthotics). These are molded L-shaped braces that go from the upper calf to the ball of the foot. He hasn’t had a chance to walk with them yet, but in the transfers he did with them on he thinks that they will really improve his walking motions.

The rehab ward, at least the small portion that Dan is in, can have up to nine patients. Given that they are required (if able) to take their meals in a central common area, you start to learn more about the people there and their stories. Over the last few days four people have left, and three new people have come in. This changes the social dynamic of the group dramatically; the new people are quiet, so the sociable atmosphere has mellowed a bit.

Normally Dan would have either Saturday or Sunday off to relax, but given that he wants to get as much therapy in before his insurance company sends him home, he is opting instead to continue therapy through the weekend. There are also quite a few people planning to visit tomorrow, something that he appreciates very much. Busy days ahead!

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