Mar. 5th, 2017

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Dan started occupational therapy bright and early at

6:30 AM today with practice with daily tasks – getting dressed, washing and

folding laundry, etc. A big step forward was standing at a kitchen counter and making

coffee. He was able to do everything except measure out the grounds, which required

two hands. As long as he was able to keep one hand on the counter though he was


Later in the morning Tom and Ian (a friend from St.

Louis) joined to watch Dan’s physical therapy session. After some leg stretches

he put on his AFOs (ankle-foot orthotics, L-shaped braces that go on each foot)

and made his first attempt at walking. Dan walked seven feet between parallel

bars four times, then moved over to his new walker where he walked an

additional 12 feet for a total of 40 feet for the day. Tom helped by following

immediately behind with the wheelchair in case Dan needed to take a break and

sit down at any time. Another big milestone is that he has graduated to minimal

contact from the therapist which means that while they keep hold of his gait

belt for safety while he is standing and walking, they are not providing any

support or guidance.

After the therapy sessions, we had an excellent

conversation with Dr. Meesala, his rehab/spine doctor. Dan is in Acute Rehab on

a week-to-week basis. He was re-upped for a second week on Wednesday and will

be re-evaluated again this coming Thursday. We have been concerned that the

doctors and therapists would suggest that he go home after this week. The

doctor put our minds to rest saying she wouldn’t even think of suggesting it.

Until Dan can walk unassisted 150 feet and at least has some way to address

going up and down stairs (something he has not even attempted yet), they do not

want him leaving rehab. While we both want Dan home as soon as possible, we

also know that the longer time he spends in rehab the better his quality of

life (and Tom’s as well) will be when he comes home. Because of this, we are

both extremely happy at the prospects for the immediate future.

The afternoon was spent visiting with several friends,

including Brian, Michael, Colin, Mike, Dr. Mike, and Chris. It was great to

have fun conversation and catching up. These visits help more than anyone can

know, and we appreciate everyone taking the time to come out and say hi. All

the socializing was tough on Dan, and a good reminder that he had some pretty

major surgery just two weeks ago. While he really enjoyed it he was clearly

exhausted when we left him this evening. It was a really great day though –

good progress and good company is always wonderful!

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(I feel like I should apologize for not posting much except illness updates and the occasional reblog, but it’s kind of all I can deal with right now. I’ll try to be a little more upbeat and interesting at a later date.)

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Two weeks in the hospital, and probably another 10 days or so to go.

Dan really pushed himself hard in

physical therapy today and it showed. Rather than tire himself out on the

parallel bars, he moved directly to the walker in an attempt to see how far he

could walk. He managed three walks in a row with short rests in between: 38 feet,

50 feet, and 32 feet. His arms were shaking and he was clearly fatigued at the

end, but this is incredible progress! This is by far the longest distance that

he has walked so far. He ended the session practicing going from sitting to standing

at a table and side-stepping around it, as well as other exercises. Normally he

would have occupational therapy today but he was give the day off. Normally he

would have had the day off from physical therapy too but in the interest of

getting as much work done as possible before the insurance company sends him

home, he wanted to do the PT today as well.

The rest of the day has been given over to relaxing. One big

bright spot was that we were able to bring over our dogs, Charlie and Nora, to

visit. This is the first time Dan has seen them in two weeks and I know it

really helped brighten his spirits.  Kevin

is on his way over to visit, but I have come home for the day to do some

shopping, do laundry, and relax a bit myself. Back to the grind (for both of

us) tomorrow!

Also, thanks to all of you for your kind words of support and encouragement of my posts here and elsewhere. It means so much to me and helps keep me going!

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