Mar. 7th, 2017

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A new milestone today: Dan walked 64 feet with his walker, followed by another 38 feet. The rehab gym also has a 1988 Chevy Cavalier that they use for testing getting in and out of a car. He was able to transfer to and from a wheelchair without a problem. Among other exercises he worked on standing at a counter for extended periods while performing tasks one-handed (and stabilizing himself with the other), and improving leg and arm strength.

We had a couple of sad tasks today too. We needed to cancel our cruise reservations for next month, as well as a theater outing we were supposed to take in a few weeks. We were able to cancel the flights with no penalty, but could only get credit and not refunds. Hotel reservations were easy to cancel. Unfortunately, the cruises were into the time period where we can only get a 50% refund. The good news is that we paid for the cruises with a credit card that comes with travel insurance so I initiated the claim for that today.

Cancelling all of these arrangements was tough, but we know that there will be plenty of other opportunities for travel and fun. For now we’re focusing on getting Dan as well as possible as fast as possible.

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