Mar. 9th, 2017

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Huge news today! Dan’s doctors and therapists reviewed his progress and decided (as expected) that he could benefit for another week of rehab (and possibly a few more days after that). Even better, the insurance company OK’ed the week extension. This is going to be wonderful for his recovery, and will make a huge improvement in his walking ability and independence in the future.

We got a couple of handy items from the doctor as well. First off she certified Dan to have a wheelchair and a walker when he leaves the hospital. We also got documentation for our travel insurance claim for the cruise and for waiving the change fee on our United tickets (we’ll get credit that’s good for a year, but that’s better than losing the airfare entirely). We also got the form for a temporary handicapped permit which I need to take to the DMV in the next few days.

Therapy continues apace as well. Dan was able to try 4” and 6” steps (the steps in our house at 7”). He was able to walk 50 feet then 69 feet as well. Additionally there was work with arm strength endurance, tub and transfer techniques, and the walker. As always, the improvement is incremental, but it’s still improvement.

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