Mar. 11th, 2017

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On Day 19, we rested 😀 We’ll have a complete update tomorrow, I promise!

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Another guest post from Dan:

Continued to have a low grade fever in the morning, however, all the tests they have done show to be okay and may just be allergies overall.

In Physical Therapy we started with trying to go down to the floor and back up to a chair. Using just your arms is very difficult and had to roll around to my knees to be able to do that. Afterwards, we went over to a stairwell and I went up the 8 steps and backwards down twice. A lot of Physical Therapy is to relearn how to do things, both safely and to get your confidence back while in a safe environment.

For Occupational Therapy, we worked on standing with a walker and using one hand to do tasks, to both help with endurance, and to be sure I can reach to do tasks while feeling comfortable using just one hand to hold me up. They then threw weights on my arms (while seated) and played games that required me to raise my arms a lot.

Tom brought me a very tasty dinner from a local restaurant and we worked on things that we need to buy to get the house ready for me next week. Jack and Chad are coming in Saturday and they are being totally awesome in doing whatever is needed to get things done right.

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