Mar. 12th, 2017

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Another guest update from Dan:

Good news everybody! No low grade fever this morning!


with Physical Therapy and did 3 trips up and down (backwards) the

stairwell, which the PT feels I should be able to handle the stairs at

home without too many issues at all. Afterwards, we went to the parallel

bars and tried holding my stand without using my hands at all. The

issue is that my body wants to turn when doing this so after doing some

of my own stretching, I was able to stand hands free for

about 30 seconds at a time. This is totally crazy as I don’t think I

could have even done that yesterday! We finished with some leg stretches

as being in a wheelchair can really tighten the muscles.

After lunch, went into Occupational Therapy where we worked on the core

muscles with some exercises before doing more standing in place hands

free. We are feeling very good on how things are going there and being

to stand doing tasks.

Tomorrow will be my day off as I am

supposed to have one (and they are short handed so can’t provide staff

even if I wanted to work). Will be working on a lot of exercises that I

have been taught and hoping that I will also be able to do some walking,

but we will see how things go.

Right now I am set to go home on

Wednesday, unless they feel I could use one or two more days of therapy

that would really improve things, but should know more on Tuesday for


Jack and Chad came over today to install rails in the

restrooms and in the stairwell to ensure the house is ready for me,

looks like everything went really well!

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