Mar. 13th, 2017

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We’re in the homestretch now. Today was a day off for Dan, his first in the three weeks that he’s been in the hospital. He celebrated by taking some lovely naps, which is a great way to celebrate! I slept in a bit myself and got thoroughly discombobulated by Daylight Savings Time, but I’ll cope.

As noted yesterday, Jack and Chad did an utterly astounding job helping to prepare the house for Dan’s return. Right now unless there are any suddenly changes, he is due to come home on Wednesday. When I visited this afternoon we talked about the transition and what will be necessary. He pointed out that some chairs with arms would be needed for both stairwell landing and for the master bathroom, since he can only stand unassisted for a short period of time right now. Fortunately, at my mother’s suggestion, I was able to score a couple of great chairs (like you’d find in a doctor’s waiting room) from Goodwill for the fabulous price of $1.89 each.

Our current plan is that I will work a half-day on Wednesday then go to the hospital to pick up Dan. I will work from home Thursday and Friday, and then come Monday we will reassess where we stand (I lean to working from home but going into work – 5 minutes away – for meetings as needed, but we shall see).

I was a whirwind when I got home, walking and feeding the dogs, breaking down all the empty boxes in the house, taking out the trash, sanding the banisters and railings in the stairwell, running to Home Depot to return some leftover hardware and buy supplies for painting the banisters and railings, and prepping the shower head for the master bath for installation.

Finally, I wanted to mention all of the amazing cards and gifts that people have sent to Dan. I am gratified to say that there are more than I could list here, and I know that both Dan and I are overwhelmed by the support of our friends here and all over the world. I feel bad just singling out any specific gifts, but these are so special:

First, all of the wonderful people at Fur Squared (including Alkali, Xander, Draggor, Miko, and more people I wish I could name) sent us a beautiful card signed by a staggering number of people who were at the convention. It’s easy to forget how big of an impact you make on a community sometimes, but this reminder of home many people know and love Dan and are rooting for his recovery was incredible.

Second, Dave and Sarah (aka Plonq and Atara), two wonderful friends and gifted writers, sent a six-part serialized story that they tag-team wrote especially for Dan. This moved both him and me to tears (before we’ve even read the whole thing!). I can’t wait to read the rest of the story! We are blessed with amazing people in our lives.

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