Mar. 14th, 2017

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(From Dan) Started the day with Physical Therapy and was the last day for me to push for things that I want to work on. As I am going home on Wednesday, tomorrow will be the last assessment before heading on home so it is pretty much things to show that I am ready and able to take care of myself (with some help from Tom). Anyways, we worked on stairs again, going up and down 8 steps twice, which gives a good feeling what to expect. Also worked on side stepping as part of our stair setup along with some more on balancing. We finished with using a new walker that will be the style of the one I will be getting on Wednesday. It is quite a bit lighter so it is easier to work with overall.

After lunch, I got to enjoy Occupational Therapy where we did some transfers with the walker and moving around to sit on things was quite interesting, but ended up being real good to get used to. After that, we worked on more standing balance and doing tasks while standing, but at that point, I was getting real tired.

As the weather has been pretty crappy up here (4-6” snow), Tom is spending the night at home to work on leftover tasks from the installation last weekend. This means a quiet night for me, so will be laying down early and watch a good movie on my iPad. 

I am both very excited and pretty scared about going home, to be honest. I am sure things will be good, but I will need to be sure to be as safe as possible once I get there.

(Once Dan is home I’ll likely just be posting weekly updates.)

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Oh right, that’s why I hate painting. I suck at it. (Also, “primer + paint” my ass. These are going to need a second coat tomorrow.)

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