Mar. 15th, 2017

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Just one more night then Dan will be home!

(From Dan) As I mentioned yesterday, Wednesday is the day I am going home, so today was the day where they test to see how far along you have come and confirm that you are truly ready to go home. 

We started with Occupational Therapy by doing the daily morning routine and I seemed to excel at that. The Therapist kept on commenting on how far I have come along and gave me a few tips on how to move forward. Spent the rest of the morning chatting with the staff and relaxing.

One thing I have forgotten to mention is that my sister Chris works at the hospital here and every week day she has come up to have lunch with me. It has been nice just having her here and being able to catch up on almost a daily basis. She has also offered to help out if we need anything in the evenings, especially if Tom needs some time away. My mother has also offered to help and it is very much appreciated!

This afternoon was Physical Therapy which was full of brutal things to do to make sure I am ready. Get in and out of a car (easy), up and down 12 steps (hard but doable), go up and down a stoop/threshold (kinda hard), and walk with the walker. There was a difference in score between 50 feet and 150 feet so they really wanted me to try for 150 to see if I can do it. With taking some standing breaks to shake my arms out, I was able to go 152 feet today, which surpasses my 69 feet previously! She also let slip that she had to modify my goals early on as I quickly surpassed them!

Everyone feels that this is the best time for me to go and that I am ready. I can’t believe it is finally time and so ready to be home with Tom and our doggies tomorrow. What has been so heartwarming is that all the nurses that are leaving and I won’t be seeing again have made trips to say goodbye to me. One even came back because she forgot about it until after she left. I will need to send something to them. Speaking of, I need to get some thank you cards made up to send to everyone who has sent cards and gifts so far.

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Hooray! @takazajw is finally home! (at Volo, Illinois)

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