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And the good stuff keeps on rollin'...

First and foremost: as [livejournal.com profile] takaza mentioned, he was offered and accepted a position at his company's headquarters in Buffalo Grove, IL. That's about 20 minutes closer to us, and they're right next to the Buffalo Grove Metra station. Even better, it's a significant bump in pay and a much better career path for him. I'm so very happy for him! It also moves him out of the toxic environment that he's in now, which makes me even happier. There will be a 30-day transition period, but as of March 1 he'll be in his new job. Hooray! That's also very near the Westin Chicago North Shore, where Midwest FurFest 2008 will be, so he will be helping to scout out restaurants for the Restaurant Guide on his lunch hours :-)

More good news: I filed my taxes for 2007 the other night and found out that between federal and state taxes I have a refund of $1,300 coming my way. Woohoo! Of course, after spending some time looking over newegg.com at all the sexy laptops, I realized that mine gets me where I'm going (albeit slowly) and that the money will go better to pay down debt. Not nearly as much fun, but hey, it will make life a lot more fun later. Here's a very handy tip: if you use State Farm Insurance, log into their website. On the left is the link "FREE tax filing" - click on that and you will be taken to the Turbotax website, where you can get access to Turbotax Deluxe for free - including free federal and state e-filing. That saved me $58 over last year. Sweet!

As Dan mentioned, we're hosting his family and friends for dinner and games on Saturday night. If you're interested in joining us, let me or Dan know by Friday night (so I can shop and cook accordingly). Having read through the Cooks Illustrated French Onion Soup recipe I'm all about that. I just need to figure out if it's possible to roast multiple chickens in our oven or if I'm going to need to re-think things. That may become roast pork :-) Since it's his sister's birthday, dessert will be birthday cake from Lovin' Oven Cakery. Nom nom nom!
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None of this makes a coherent single entry, so you get a bunch of random stuff:

I just finished a quick meeting with my boss. Granted, he technically only had two months of me being an employee of $employer (in addition to the nine moths prior working the exact same job as a contractor), but he gave me an excellent annual review and is very happy with my work. This makes me positively giddy :-) Speaking of work-related things, I had lunch earlier today with [livejournal.com profile] tozier_wah, which was very cool since he just works across the campus from me. We need to make that a weekly thing or something. We had a great discussion about Midwest FurFest and I think I might have something to keep him busy during the con this year :-)

Yesterday I was all virtuous and stuff and went ahead and got my voting for next week's primary out of the way. It was very cool that the Lake County website had a sample of the exact ballot that I would be presented with so I was able to do a little research on the local candidates and make some informed decisions. Plus I had a nice chat with the poll workers, who were very nice folks.

We're having [livejournal.com profile] takaza's family over on Saturday evening, along with some friends, for a night of gaming. I'm working up a nice menu too - maybe French Onion Soup, and roasted chicken. I think we need some more wine - perhaps a trip to Wine Knows is in order. We also need to do some thorough cleaning of the place, which is pretty standard before company. It's one of the reasons I like to have company over with some regularity: left to our own devices, we keep the clutter to a minimum, but I need a reason to get really motivated to deep clean and take a toothbrush to the baseboards :-)

Apparently, I'm going on a trip in a week and a half. I say "apparently" because, well, I don't know where I'm going. You see, Dan has put together some kind of trip for us to celebrate my fortieth birthday, and all I know is that we're flying off...somewhere (he won't say where)...for a four-day vacation. About all I know is that it's domestic, since neither of us have valid passports, but other than that I have no clue. I also know that no amount of begging for clues from Dan will yield any further information, so I probably appear annoyingly incurious, but I'm very content in the knowledge that Dan knows me well, and whatever he has put together will be truly amazing. And whether it's amazing or not, I'll have my love there with me, so that makes it amazing in itself. (I'm sure he's made all kinds of posts in his journal about this that I can't see, and all of you who have read and heard about this from him are dying of laughter. Hey, I'm OK with that. I'll just sit here in quiet anticipation :-)

Oh, and one last note: I would note that one of my favorite coffees, Dark Roast Sumatran, from one of my favorite coffee providers, Alterra Coffee, is on sale at 10% off. With shipping by Priority Mail only $4.60, if you order a couple of pounds (like I usually do) it's comparable to buying coffee off the shelf from some of the higher-end providers. (I also recently discovered the Brazil Traditional Dry, which is simply outstanding as well).
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Yesterday was a bit of an oddity. Both [livejournal.com profile] takaza and I had to work; Dan had to help out in his office for a bit following their relocation on Friday, and I had to go in as part of a plant-wide work day in exchange for everyone getting Monday the 24th off. I was OK with this. The majority of my department sacrificed a vacation day not to come in, but considering I went in at 9 AM and left at 1 PM, I'm glad I went in (plus I don't have any vacation days left!).

Once I got home, I worked on the dish I was making for [livejournal.com profile] datahawk's birthday party while waiting for Dan to come home from work. And waited. And waited. Right when I really started to get worried I heard the garage door open. You see, it was snowing heavily by that point, and he had to drive Route 12 from Palatine to Volo at 25-30 mph. After he got home, the snowfall intensified, and after much discussion and deliberation and worrying, we decided that it just wasn't a good idea to try to make the 42-mile drive down to the party. We're sad we couldn't attend, and I hope that everyone had a great time.

Instead, we spent the evening relaxing, watching the snow fall, and catching up on some of the tons of stuff we have on the Tivo. Dan also made some tasty macaroni and cheese. I trundled off to bed early, while he stayed up to watch stuff I'm not interested in, like "ER".

The sun is out this morning and it looks like the snow has ended. The Magical Snow Elves have come through and plowed our driveway and shoveled our sidewalk, which is lovely. We don't have much plans for today besides laundry and making plans for Christmas. I may try to get a bit of cooking done for Wuffmeet, though, if I feel motivated to run to the store. This is the first time in a few months that we've had a day completely that we didn't need to do anything, and it's a lovely, though strange, feeling!
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I know I've been quiet here this week, but I have excuses! You see, much of our week has been consumed with preparations for Anthrocon; even when we weren't actively working on convention planning, we were thinking about it and that kind of wears on you. Add to that the fact that I'm fighting off a mild summer cold. Yuck.

In general update terms, though, things have been going well. If I didn't mention it earlier, I haven't been hired on full-time at my employer yet since they were still working out which positions were open and which they were going to fill with whom. I have been assured, multiple times, that it is a matter of "when" and not "if" I get hired, though. My contract was extended to the end of July, and that's OK by me. While that means my three days off for Anthrocon will be unpaid, the good news is that I still come out ahead in net salary. I had a good talk with my boss this week and he is satisfied with my performance and seems willing to put a bit more on my plate, which makes me happy.

Work for [livejournal.com profile] takaza continues to be stressful; I worry about him and I know that all of this stress takes its toll on his health. Things got a little more difficult this week (I won't go into it here, but my heart does go out to those involved), but he's been assured that it won't affect his vacation time. He is justifiably skeptical and unfortunately probably will have to log in from Pittsburgh to do some work for some part of the time that we're there.

We did find time to relax a bit last night. We had a pleasant dinner with [livejournal.com profile] roho and [livejournal.com profile] genet at a frozen custard place in Antioch (good sandwiches, not so good frozen custard), then we caught the late showing of Ratatouille at the Antioch Theater. GO SEE THIS MOVIE! It was so much fun! Great character design, a nifty score, and a really great expression of the love of food and cooking. I adored it, and wouldn't mind seeing it again. As an aside, I also love the Antioch Theater - $4 admission, popcorn for a couple of bucks (and free refills on popcorn and sodas, provided by roving ushers), a trivia quiz by a real live employee before the show. When we went to see Waitress a few weeks ago we went to the Regal theater in Round Lake; tickets, plus popcorn and soda came to over $30 (and that's at matinee prices!). That's just plain offensive.

Ahem. Movie theater ranting aside, it looks like the next few days are going to be pretty nuts for us. I can't even guarantee that I'll be posting between now and Anthrocon, so here's a quick rundown:

Today, once [livejournal.com profile] datahawk gets up here, we'll all head down to Arlington Heights to meet [livejournal.com profile] justincheetah at the MFF storage locker to get a power distribution panel for him (I hope it's not buried too far under everything!). Then it's over to [livejournal.com profile] linnaeus's place in the city to drop off some stuff that he is kindly carrying to Anthrocon for us. After that, it's down to Merrillville, Indiana where we have tickets to see "Weird Al" Yankovic in concert!

Tomorrow will be con packing and (more) planning, and staging everything as best we can. Oh, and relaxing somewhat, since that'll be our last chance before the con. Monday will be work as usual.

Tuesday, we fly out from O'Hare at 7:05 PM, arriving in Pittsburgh at 9:32 PM (supposedly). Give that it's an evening flight in the summer out of O'Hare, I figure if we get to PIT before 11:30 PM we'll be doing good. We'll spend the night at the La Quinta Pittsburgh Airport, then on Wednesday morning catch the 28X bus downtown to the Westin Pittsburgh Convention Center. We hope to be at the Westin by 11 AM or 12 noon.

And after that? Madness and chaos. With any luck I'll be able to document some of that...at some point.
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I'll be posting an MFF report of sorts sometime soon - I admit so much of the con was a blur for me, so don't expect anything particularly detailed. There's the annual Registration report coming too, but that may be a week or two.

So what has happened in the meantime? Well, on Tuesday I started my new job. Like a new job at any pharmaceutical company, the first week or so is spent in training and orientation. Boring PowerPoint presentations and then document after document there I'm never going to remember. This coming week I'll hopefully get a computer at my desk and can start in on some of the computer-based training as well. Owing to FDA regulations and company policies there's some fun new restrictions: my cell phone has to stay out in the car during the day, and no food or drink (except water) outside of the cafeteria. But hey - at least there's a cafeteria. It's going to take some getting used to, but it seems like a good and challenging gig. It's still up in the air whether this is a three- or six-month-to-hire gig, but as much as they're paying me hourly, I'm all for stretching out the contract portion of the job as long as possible.

I've worked two days there so far; both times the morning commute has been smooth - about 40-50 minutes in, in clear traffic. On Tuesday, it took me two hours to get home. Wednesday was bad, though - the pre-holiday traffic had the roads choked and traffic completely snarled. I chose the less stroke-inducing option and drive 25 minutes north to Antioch, where I enjoyed some lovely conversation with [livejournal.com profile] roho, [livejournal.com profile] genet, and [livejournal.com profile] shadowstalkerw followed by a tasty dinner at Las Vegas Restaurant. The downside to all of this is that [livejournal.com profile] takaza, who was supposed to be on vacation until tomorrow, got a frantic call from his boss and went in to work at about 1 PM. I took my leave right after dinner and drove down the now-blissfully-uncrowded interstate to pick up Dan from work; he got out of there at around 9 PM. We indulged his craving for Long John Silver's chicken planks on the way home, so at least he got dinner.

Thanksgiving was quite pleasant; we had a late start but we didn't need to be over at Dan's mom's place until 3 PM. Or so we thought, until we got a call at around 12:30 PM saying the food was ready. Ack! We hustled out the door and drove the hour and twenty minutes to her place, where we enjoyed a HUGE meal of a roasted 14 lb. turkey, stuffing, deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, mashed rutabagas and carrots, sweet potatoes, corn, biscuits and apple pie and ice cream for dessert. All for just the three of us. Um, yeah - that was a heck of a lot of food, but it was all quite delicious! Needless to say, we took home a ton of leftovers. The post- meal digestive torpor was spent watching a bit of TV and poking around on the net on my laptop. With Dan's family, just being together is enough - not a lot of conversation, just spending time around each other. It's radically different from what I grew up with, but it works for them so there's nothing wrong with that.

Friday we didn't do a lot. Dan was feeing under the weather, so we pretty much just stayed in, ate leftovers, and lazed around. It was delightful.

On Saturday I got a bit of clothes shopping done, then we met [livejournal.com profile] siriuswolfstar and [livejournal.com profile] simbalion up in Evanston at The Lucky Platter for a tasty late lunch, followed by a viewing of Casino Royale. I found the movie to be a good 30-45 minutes too long, and I'd give it more of a 70% rating, as opposed to Rotten Tomatoes' 94%. Daniel Craig is some damned nice eye candy, though! More shirtless scenes, dangit!

And today? Well, once Dan wakes up we'll need to fetch his car from his employer so he has a way to get to work tomorrow. And hey, that'll be an excuse to get out and enjoy what is likely to be the last decent day of the season. Hmm, and now to forage through the leftovers for a bit of lunch...
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For the past few months, I've had two driving forces: get a job, and prepare for Midwest FurFest. These two things have been pretty much what I built every day around, and kept my mind occupied. So now I have a job in hand, and I've completed all of my preparations (well, save one or two, but those are not time-consuming). So I have before me a rarity: a day unclaimed. Now, because I'm the way I am, that doesn't mean I'll be lolling about; I have to get a haircut, stop by Sam's Wine to stock up for the Fine Potables party at MFF, do laundry...but I do those things today or tomorrow or even on Monday, were I so inclined. The pressure to get stuff done is off, and it's a very strange feeling. It's certainly not one that I've felt in literally years, and while a relief, it's unfortunate that it's a little disquieting too.

Ah well. Off to start the day!
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My life, reduced to bullet points:
  • On Tuesday I had an interview with large nameless healthcare company that happens to be in Round Lake, IL. Promising position, and would be very exciting. Contract-to-hire, three or six month contract (to be determined), then hire full time at 15% less pay (but with benefits and vacation). If hired, it'd be a bitch of a commute for the short term, but we've been wanting to get a place in the Northwest Burbs, and this would be the catalyst to do so. I might know something by the end of next week. Maybe. The good news is that my recruiter is going to see about submitting me to another position at the same company.

  • Not much action on any other fronts. Still putting out lots of resumes, but not a lot of nibbles. It’s a bad time of the year to be unemployed, unfortunately. The good news is that between Dan's income and unemployment, we're covered for the short term, at least.

  • So this leaves me lots of time to sit around and play video games all day? Not likely. This is the peak time for preparations for Midwest FurFest. In addition to being an engineer, I suddenly get to become a graphic designer, making layouts for all of the items we're having imprinted, plus designing the staff and attendee badges. We're trying some new stuff (thus all of the nifty new equipment) that will hopefully make our lives easier and make Registration run even faster. So in addition to being an engineer and a graphic designer, I also get to be a software designer/network engineer, as we tweak the Registration system to accommodate the new equipment. I also get to flex my management skills, since once the programming schedule is posted I need to figure out how to schedule the seventeen (!) people we have on Registration staff to maximize volunteer hours for those that want them and to make sure no one has to miss any event they wanted to see. You understand why I get a bit flustered at the convention approaches.

  • It's been a chilly day here, inside and out. I didn't notice it earlier when I absorbed in computer work, but now I'm realizing my fingers are getting a bit numb. I've set foot outside only to get the paper this morning, but the chill is quite penetrating. I'll have to brave the cold later to go out and forage for dinner - I'm not really looking forward to that.

  • Tomorrow looks a lot more interesting, though. The present plan is that I will drop [livejournal.com profile] takaza off at work, stop for some breakfast, stop by the printer to drop off the files for the attendee badges, then strike out westward to take pictures of...something. Things that evoke "County Fair". Yeah, it would have been nicer to do this earlier in the year, but we didn't realize just what nice signs we were going to be having. It should be a nice, clear, chilly day, and I expect I'll be driving around Huntley, Marengo, and Woodstock, which is very pretty country anyway. Later in the day I'll pick Dan up at work and we'll do, um, something.

  • This bullet point intentionally left blank
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When last we left our intrepid heroes, they were prepping for a big weekend. Well, sort of. [livejournal.com profile] takaza wasn't feeling well when he got home on Friday night, so we had a quiet night in. On Saturday I was up bright and early, ready to enjoy a beautiful day. Dan was feeling better, so we headed down to the Cadillac Room at Soldier Field for the event of the day, Night of 100 Champions, a fundraiser for Gay Games Chicago. Considering that there were over 80 tables, with ten seats each, and seats were $75 each, this was going to be quite a fundraiser. Over the course of the weeks leading up to it, we had been told that we would have a variety of jobs, but ultimately they all collapsed down to "Setup". We started at about 11:30 AM and worked pretty much continuously until the event started at 5:30 PM. We did a quick change into more dressy clothes and assumed our roles as facilitators for the silent auction - checking that bids were following the proper increments, answering any questions anyone might have, that sort of thing. the auction was pretty impressive, too - stuff like flights anywhere in the US, cruises, extravagant dinner and theater packages, artwork, and even a signed, framed tennis racket from Billie Jean King. The auction was supposed to end at 8 PM, then it got pushed back to 8:15, then 8:30, then finally 10 PM. This wasn't too big of a deal - the object was to raise the most money possible, of course, but communications were poor at best, and there was a lot of confusion.

I should say that the volunteers and almost all of the organizers that we worked with were great, and we had a lot of fun with them; the only downer, and it was a BIG downer, was one of the organizers who was completely and obviously incompetent. She had a tendency to rush in and micromanage, pull you away from the tasks that you were working on to do stuff that was important to her, change her mind on how things should be done and snap at you when you didn't read her mind, and generally being completely annoying and difficult. When she changed the (previously arranged, sensible and organized) plans for assembling the winning bids and accepting payment for winning items for the auction right as we were trying to close the auction - that was when Dan and I decided we'd had enough. We packed up our stuff and went home.

Initially, I think we were both pretty pissed off and really doubting what our participation with Gay Games might be for the next few months, I've come to realize that we were having problems with one person and one person only (though someone should have seen the problems and told her to knock it off). We also learned that if you're competent, you'll find yourself in a leadership role pretty darned quickly.

I was tired and sore Sunday morning and Dan was even worse off, suffering a dual curse of respiratory nastiness and a flare-up of the pinched nerve problems from earlier. He elected to stay home and I attended the MFF meeting. I was still in a pretty grumpy mood from the night before so I probably wasn't the most pleasant to be around, but the meeting passed quickly. We spent Sunday night hanging out and being laptop geeks, as usual :-)

Last night Dan was facing a recurrence of the god-awful all-nighter from last week. faced with dinner alone, I opted to walk up to Tom Yum, the sushi/Thai place around the corner from us, and had a tasty and inexpensive sushi dinner. The walk back was pleasant and perfect after a good meal. Dan didn't leave work until after 11 PM, and didn't come to bed until after 1 AM. We talked a little about the silliness that had kept him so late, and that got me more and more irritated until i couldn't get back to sleep. I finally got to sleep again at about 3 AM, so you understand why I'm dragging a good bit today. Bleah. I'll still hit the gym today, though, and we have a nice dinner of fettuccine carbonara lined up for dinner. Pasta makes everything better :-)

Time to head home!
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Well, yesterday could have gone better. Work was uninspiring, though I did get a nibble on an interesting job well for which I would be very well suited. It's in Marengo so the commute would be interesting, but it's not out of the question. On the way home, I passed a Lake County sheriff's deputy as I was getting on Route 41; he followed me for about a mile then hit his lights. He was very nice, and explained that the drivers license associated with my registration expired two years ago. I showed him my NC drivers license (yeah, yeah, I'll be getting an Illinois one Real Soon Now) and explained that when I surrendered my IL license back in 2000 (!), I guess NC didn't transmit any paperwork stating that fact. He was satisfied with this explanation, and sent me on my way. Whew.

After a brief stop at the Highland Park post office to stock up on stamps for mailing MFF registration postcards, it was down to Paulina Market to pick up some tasty snacks for the coming weekend. As I was sitting in the stop-and-go traffic on Lincoln Avenue, someone came barreling up behind me - all I heard was a squeal of tires then I felt the impact as he hit me. We pulled off to a side street and exchanged information. The damage doesn't look too bad - rear bumper marked up and slightly pushed down - but having been through this not too long ago, I know that a lot more expensive damage can lie under the bumper. On my way home I stopped by my insurance agency and gave them all the information and set up a body shop to take a look at it next week. All in all, a minor hassle, though my neck is slightly sore. Nothing debilitating, just a mild stiffness. Hmm, I should have taken some Aleve this morning for that. Ah well.

I admit I was pretty down for the rest of the evening, but Dan put up with me. He made several batches of chocolate chip cookies, and then we packed up everything for Congenial. In a lot of ways, a local relaxacon is more of a pain to pack for than Anthrocon: There's all the room amenities to pack (coffee maker and accoutrements), booze, glassware, games, and all sorts of stuff. We got it sorted out, though. As I mentioned before, we'll be up in Racine tonight through Sunday, since Dan has to work in Milwaukee tomorrow and my commute to work is roughly the same from Racine or Chicago. I'm going to try to get the same room we had last year (first floor, on the east end of the south hallway), since it's convenient to the con suite yet not in the line of traffic.

Hmm, I'm gonna go hunt down some Ibuprofen now...
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So I have this thing that isn't quite a cold but it's pretty annoying. Slight nasal congestion, sore throat...but not much else. Oh, and an occasional cough that sounds horrible, but isn't really. My cow-orkers are all offering me cough drops, so I'm guessing they're tired of listening to me. Lucky them!

I've spent the morning calculating surface areas, and I've only scratched the surface (heh) of the stack I have to complete. This is boring and tedious, but it's good to know I need a masters in chemical engineering to calculate the area of the lateral surface of a truncated cone. At least I have my MP3 player. So far I've been through the Garden State and Hedwig soundtracks, and I'm listening to Princess Mononoke now.

Had a couple of nibbles from recruiters lately, which is encouraging. This weekend I need to fluff my resume a bit on Monster and Careerbuilder (read: make the resume appear newer on database searches). It's a pity that I don't want to completely ignore the first seven years of my work experience, otherwise I could take any of the nice low-paying jobs that I've been offered. On the bright side, [livejournal.com profile] takaza is in line for quite an impressive raise, which opens up the acceptable salary range for me. But I'm still not going to take any of this entry-level crap.

Well, 'bout time for lunch now. The cafeteria here is quite adept at taking a good idea and rendering it into something barely edible; we'll see what they put in the slop-buckets today.
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Let's hear it for Friday! {crickets} Oh, that would be because more than half of the office here has taken off for the afternoon. Must be nice to have vacation and stuff. To that end, I've been passing the last hour or so applying to positions in and around the Chicago area - we'll see if anything comes of it.

So apparently folks down in South Carolina and Georgia had a bit of fun with ice storms yesterday. I called my parents and was surprised when my mom said they were holed up in the La Quinta Inn since they had lost power at the house at 3 AM. They should be home by now, since the temperatures were supposed to get back up to 52 degrees there today. And here in Chicago? Snow showers and 30 mph winds, yay! We're supposed to go down and look at the store windows downtown tonight, which should be fun, if really freakin' cold.

It's shaping up to be a lazy weekend, which is good since after this weekend it's going to be insane. About the only thing that MUST get done is we need to install my Sirius radio in my car. Since we're driving down to South Carolina (14+ hours each way), Sirius is a sine qua non for the trip. Plus, it's been a good long time since I've had my OutQ fix, and the Canadian channels they've added sound interesting too. Anyway, other than that, I look forward to spending the weekend sleeping in and lazing around the house while it snows and blows outside, interrupted only by a possible trip to the movies. Our list of movies to see is getting a bit long - Rent, Narnia, and now Brokeback Mountain. If anyone is interested in seeing one of these, maybe on Sunday afternoon, let me know.

Time to wrap up a few things, then head on home. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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Slow morning at the office, and no one really seems to want to get down to work. Fine by me! we've got the company "Holiday Dinner" today, which means a free roast beef meal for lunch (best advice from cow-orkers: "DON'T EAT THE SHRIMP SALAD!"). Incidentally, yesterday I applied for two positions here, one of which seems tailored to me: they're looking for someone with a masters in chemical engineering who has experience with scale-up and a familiarity with a GMP environment. Hey, that's me! Of course, there's not a lot of chance that I'll hear back from them, but hope springs eternal.

So, now we have snow in the forecast. Not a big deal, only 1-3 inches (though I note that while CBS 2 is saying 4-7 inches, the National Weather Service and Tom Skilling are sticking with 1-3). The big problem is that the heaviest snow is supposed to be late afternoon/early evening, which is to say, evening rush hour. Bring the pain! I'd leave early, or at least I'd have taken the train, except I have a doctor's appointment at 4 PM in Lincolnshire. I figure if I get home by 7 PM, I'll be doing good.

Hmm. Not much going on tonight - some leftovers for dinner, and the penultimate episode of Survivor for the season. I was revisiting some old episodes over at my favorite reality-show-snark website, Television Without Pity, and I came across this amusing comment in this week's Amazing Race recaplet:
At any rate, a defensive posture for the finale -- Anybody But The Weavers -- is my personal plan. Because the season has already been boring and confusing, and if those people win a million dollars, it will become unspeakably evil.
Yeah, I think I can agree with that.
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Anthrocon was excellent. I will write up a full report (of my experiences and for Artists Alley as well) tomorrow. The flight home had no major mishaps, though our suitcase is now in the dumpster in the alley.

Also: I GOT THE JOB! I start Wednesday. More info on that tomorrow as well. For now: sleep.
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It's been a roller coaster of a week (and not in a good way!). My employment is still very much in limbo but I'm attacking the problem on several different fronts. I've applied to a couple of positions at Hospira, a couple at Abbott, and Manpower is pursuing at least one for me as well. I also sent resumes off to a number of places in the Chicago area. With any luck I'll see some things come to fruition next week.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking I see some steaks in the immediate future for dinner tonight. As for the weekend, it looks like we're doing the weekly Lunch at BD's with the usuals, then we'll be going to see Carbon Leaf at Lincoln Park Fest. Sunday we don't have too much planned besides the online MFF staff meeting. I'd like to maybe do some grilling on Sunday, too.

Oh, by the way - here's a couple of fun links for folks to amuse themselves:

Do you think [livejournal.com profile] puppybreak is a good start but would like to see more? Check out flickrDogs for more fun pics.

This is a short, screamingly funny ad. I won't say what it's for because that gives it away, but it's worth seeing.

If you have a Sirius Satellite Radio subscription and want to listen at your computer but don't want to use Sirius' crapass player, check out Siriusly. As a bonus, it can be combined with ConRec (CONtinuous RECorder) to act as a Tivo for Sirius! (Well, for the streams they put over the net, anyway)

Oooh, I get to go home in an hour! Guess I'll get some work done in the meantime...
...and maybe drink another Monster...

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